So now call out the name of your lover or the person you are casting on three times and the spark that pit with that ingredient, the next step you have to do now you have to eat the Melisa roots but do not swallow it, leave it into your mouth and then make any wish to your lover, tell him /her to give you his/her heart by loving you the way you love him/her and then spit out that inside the pit and then if you wish to add your wishes feel free to do so but make sure you do the same procedures so that your spell will be strong and give the result you were casting for and when you done cover the pit. Herbs have always been linked with magic in some form when it comes to casting spells and love spells. The first magic originated from using different herbs while casting, the seekers were using plants and herbs to achieve their spells like the magic herbs for protection. This kind of spells are mostly used by the village healers, traditional healers and witch doctors, they would use complex herbs remedies to deal with making someone very weak or ill. However it is not easy to use these spells the fact that many kinds of herbs have full energy to produce a lovely and interesting mixture to serve your partner that makes the whole casting process useful for the magic spells and rituals that is why there very powerful. This kind of spell need to be cast outside the house away from the home premises. The whole casting of this spells is complex. Now you have to dig up a small pit where ever you have found the perfect place to cast from. The perfect place to cast this spell is a small forest but it might be not too far from where you stay if you can’t find such a place you must be in a place you can hide in because no one should see you because that might ruin the spirituality of the spell but not all people out there believe and understand magic spells. So when you done preparing your pit than light up the red candles and put them inside the pit. Now you have to slaughter the black field chicken take its gall mix it into the water approximate in one jack of water now one teaspoon of crashed dandelion and one tea spoon of herbs. However much you have tried everything to solve a problem you are faced with but seemingly there is no change instead its getting worse. The magic spells with herbs can be helpful to the person who is troubled by his/her partner in that they can bring back a lost lover or fix a broken marriage or stop a cheating lover if cast with the right spell ritual. The other properties that contributed to making a powerful herb or plant mixture are ultimately valuable when it comes to magic and the different spells that they are effective for. Most people who often use this kind of spells are those who really believe in witchcraft or traditional healers but this does not mean they are only meant only for them because they can work for so many people who need love spells and different rituals. This magic spells will plant a very fertile seed of love into your lover’s heart, he will love you more than any person on this earth, he/she will not be interested in any person but you , your whole relationship will be strengthened by the magic of spells with herbs and last for a very long time and enjoy every single result of your spell casting ideas. Name of your lover, Dandelion, Mixture of herbs by Kamis, Field black chicken, Two red candles, One black candles. If your partner is cheating on you and he/she doesn’t care how that affect you and the person he/she is cheating with is happy to take him/her completely way from you. Now you feel like you lost everything in your life and you cannot even imagine living a life without him/her. That might be paining you so much but have you ever thought that your partner might still want you as much as you want him/her back. Magic spells with herbs can make your lover leave that person he/she is cheating with. It is very simple to cast such spells with the help of Kamis. Have you ever heard about the most effective love spell?, The magic spells with herbs are the most effective spell in the whole world cast with love spells to offer strong and permanent results, these spells are made by the very strong traditional herbs all mixed by Kamis to make sure that the spells work no matter the situation one is facing. Every spell can work for any one as long as you are able to follow instructions as you have been order by Dr. Khazan who is experienced in different casting using herbs. Faith and hope are also the best ingredient a spell caster should have so that it will definitely succeed because every spell follows one’s spirituality. The powerful energy for wining a spell are words you speak during the casting process if you believe in your words and hope it will succeed your result will also be like that so positivity is key and spirituality while casting will follow.

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